With the opening of a new medical center in Estepona, Clinica del Rio, with more than 20 medical specialties and special units, offers the inhabitants of the easternmost part of the Costa del Sol a quality medical service that is close and accessible; we offer Estepona and its visitors quality medical services and diagnostics that were previously only available in Marbella and Málaga, therefore bringing the best care and modern technology to patients residing in the area.

Our clinical center in Estepona is just a preview of the future clinic to be built at the entrance of the city and will have medical specialists in the branches of: Allergology and Allergy tests, anesthesia, digestive system andm endoscopies, cardiology – echo cardiography, general and digestive surgery, dermatology, Phlebology – vascular surgery, Gynecology, Family Medicine, Pneumology – Spirometry, Ophthalmology, ENT, pediatrics, Podiatry, Psychology and Addiction, Radiology – Doppler Ultrasound, Traumatology, Clinical Neurophysiology, Integrative Psychotherapy and Urology.

Also, in our Medical Clinic in Estepona you can perform complete medical checkups: Basic Medical Checkup, Cardiovascular Medical Checkup, Advanced Medical Checkup and Digestive System Medical Checkup.

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