• 21 JUN 24
    Breast Unit

    Our new medical unit offers follow-up appointments for your medical issues:

    •    Rapid diagnosis unit
    •    Co-ordination of diagnostic tests
    •    Integral treatment
    •    Monitoring

    Continual and quality attention in the Private Medicine sector.

    Do any of these situations apply to you?

    You have to have your annual mammogram

    •    You have had a breast operation and need a check-up
    •    You have a family history of breast cancer
    •    You have noticed some change when palpating your breasts

    There is a new unit available for you at the clinic so that we can provide you with an integral monitoring service, not only for your rapid diagnosis, but also treatment and co-ordinated monitoring of any possible lesions discovered.

    Are you a medical professional who would like a precise diagnosis of the lesion discovered at your practice, or an opinion on how to treat it?

    We offer you co-ordinated contact with professionals who are highly experienced in the diagnosis of lesions, radiological as well as pathoanatomical, and also in the techniques to carry them out.

    We guarantee quick delivery of patients’ reports to your medical practice so that their treatment can be followed up.

    We offer the possibility of a consultation with our specialist surgeons regarding therapeutic options.

    As a pioneering step in the private sector of the Costa del Sol we are setting up a Breast Pathology Unit for the purpose of integral monitoring of the problem.

    In order to give continual and quality attention, we offer:

    Early diagnosis of breast cancer

    Monitoring of benign mammary lesions

    Biopsy and removal of suspicious lesions

    Conventional breast operations

    Reconstructive surgery if necessary after an operation

    Co-ordination if radiotherapy or chemotherapy is required after initial surgery

    Long term monitoring of patients who have been operated on


    If you wish make contact with the Breast Unit at Clínica del Río, call us and we will give you an appointment.