• 23 JUL 24
    Plastic Surgery






    This is a surgical operation to correct any deformity of the nose, whether from birth or due to injury or previous operations. The aim is to create a nose that is in harmony with the patient’s face.

    This operation could produce changes in the aspect, structure and function of the nose.



    Lifting or facelift is a surgical procedure to improve visible signs of ageing of the face and neck. As a person ages, the skin and muscles in the area of the face begin to lose their tone. A facelift cannot stop the ageing process, but it can improve the most visible signs of ageing by means of tensing the deepest structures, re-adapting the skin of the face and neck and removing selected areas of fat. The best candidate for a facelift is the person whose face and neck have begun to relax but whose skin retains elasticity and whose bone structure is well defined.



    This is a surgical operation to remove wrinkles and ‘bags’ from the upper and lower eyelids. It results in new ‘brilliance’ to the look and gives the eyes a ‘youthful’ aspect. It can even improve vision in older people whose upper eyelid may have a significant excess that falls over the eye.

    The result of this operation is very favourable and long-lasting and in the great majority of cases the eyelid bags do not tend to reappear.


    This is a simple surgical operation to correct alterations in the shape and position of the ears. It is mostly carried out when the ears are ‘separated’ from the head, or they are ‘very open’.

    Facial remodelling

    It consists of remodelling by means of permanent implants and/or temporary infill of different parts of the face (such as chin, cheeks, lips or nasogenian folds). In some cases this can be complemented by facial dermabrasion and/or botulinum toxin injections.


    Breast enlargement

    A surgical operation consisting of implanting a prosthesis, by which we can correct a patient’s mammary volume. This helps to overcome any lack of self regard caused by not being able to find suitable underwear or clothes that do not fall well.

    Many patients have a complex about having small breasts which stops them going to the beach or even having normal social relationships. In some cases, not only are their breasts small but sometimes one is very different from the other and this asymmetry can be the cause of such problems.

    Moreover there are other women who lose significant size in their breasts following pregnancy and the breast-feeding period, leaving them with ‘empty’ breasts. In all these cases this operation can solve their problems and open new horizons in their personal development.

    Breast reduction

    Surgical operations by which we can reduce the exaggerated volume of the breasts and/or ‘enhance’ and ‘lift’ breasts that have dropped due to age, pregnancy or slimming.

    It is an operation where we can transform the patient, in many cases eliminating any complexes she might have and even changing her way of dressing and her style of swimsuit. Many patients are ‘new’ women after having this operation.

    Liposuction – Liposculpture

    The aim of liposculpture is to improve body tone by extracting localised excess fat; in other words, remodelling various parts of the body.

    Fat is extracted in a permanent way and will not appear again. Fat cells, or adipocytes, do not multiply as from adolescence onwards there are a fixed amount of them. For this reason, if a significant percentage of these cells are extracted from those areas of greater accumulation, the tendency to get fatter in that part is reversed.


    This is a surgical operation aimed at eliminating excess skin and fat in the middle and lower part of the abdomen and at strengthening the muscles of the abdominal wall. It is indicated for cases where liposuction is not sufficient.

    It is especially useful for women who have had several pregnancies after which the abdominal skin and muscles have relaxed and have not recovered their initial tone. Patients who wish to have future pregnancies must postpone surgery because the tensed vertical abdominal muscles could begin to relax during pregnancy.


    By means of implanting a special prosthesis, it is possible to correct buttocks which only project slightly. This eliminates the sensation of ‘flattening’ of the buttocks and results in aesthetic improvement in the contouring of the hips and buttocks.

    In some cases additional lifting of the buttocks area, or even of the internal face of the muscles, may be necessary.