• 23 JUL 24
    Clinical Psychology


    • Anxiety disorders
    • Depression
    • Problems of self-confidence and personal insecurity
    • Psychological orientation towards crisis situations
    • Techniques for relaxation and emotional self-control
    • Specialist in addictions (alcohol, tobacco, etc.).

    Psychology for adults

     Bernardo Ruiz Victoria.

    • Specialist psychologist in clinical psycholog
    •  Author of the book: “Objective: Freedom – Roadmap for getting out of the alcohol labyrinth”
    •  Author of the CD “Relaxation, Visualisation and Positive thoughts”.



    • Advice regarding feeding habits, sleep and hygiene
    • Evaluation and intervention in anxiety disorders (simple phobia, school, shyness, separation anxiety, manias)
    • Elimination disorders (enuresis and encopresis)
    • Behavioural problems, difficulties or disorders (disobedience, aggressiveness)
    • Study techniques.

     Child psychologist: Inmaculada Alarcón González.

    • Specialist Psychologist in Clinical and Legal Psychology
    • Specialist Psychologist in Familiar and Labour Psychology



    Criminal Psychology


    Evaluation of the mental state of a person, relating the mental illness to the crime

    Evaluation of the victims (of crimes, thefts, aggressions, rape, negligence); (psychological state and consequences)

    Civil Psychology

    Family: advice and expert opinions in separations or divorces (guardianship and custody, visiting rights)

    • Inter-family abusive treatments
    • Incapacity (evaluate the capacity of a person for taking certain decisions)
    • Guardianship and curatorship
    • Evaluation of psychological consequences following traffic accidents
    • Evaluation of capacity for making a Will

    Labour Psychology

    • Evaluation of psychological consequences following traffic accidents
    • Incapacity or disability to work (private expert opinions)
    • Evaluation of harassment at work

    Inmaculada Alarcón González. 



    Legal psychologist – legal expert