• 24 JUL 24

    The Chiropody department at the Clínica del Río in Marbella diagnoses and treats disorders of the skin, feet and toenails, such as:

    • Hyperkeratosis (calluses)
    • Helomas (corns)
    • Papilomas (plantar warts)
    • Mycosis (fungus, athlete’s foot, onychomycosis)
    • Onychocrytosis (in-growing toenail)
    • Onychogryphosis (thickened nail)
    • Problems of the feet associated with other disorders
    • Diabetic foot
    • Foot at risk (due to vascular disorders)
    • Excess perspiration

    Advice prior to visiting the Chiropodist.

    If it is the first time you are consulting a chiropodist, you should know that:

    • You must not cut your nails during the days prior to your appointment
    • It is preferable that you remove nail varnish before the consultation
    • It is recommended that for your appointment put on shoes you normally wear
    • You must remember any medication you are taking at the time

    Preventive chiropody

    We should all go to a chiropodist at least once even though we think or we know that we have no problems with our feet.

    For people with diabetes it is extremely important to have a consultation once every six months.

    We should take our children for an evaluation when they are 3-5 years old even if they have not been referred by their paediatrician.

    Diabetic foot

    Advice for people with Diabetic Foot:

    Control the diabetes with a suitable diet and the medication you need

    Tobacco and alcohol affect good blood circulation in the feet so it is advisable not to partake of either

    Do physical exercise regularly, especially walking

    It is important to consult the health personnel if you observe any inflammation, deformity or loss of feeling.


    Dr.  Yasmary Betancourt