• 23 JUL 24

    The Gynecology service at the Clínica del Río offers the following consultations:

    • Family Planning (Advice on contraceptives, IUD, subdermal implants, as well as the possibility of implementing the new transcervical sterilization system, ESSURE, without the necessity for anesthesia, etc.)
    • Cervical pathology with cytological screening, possibility of HPV detection, Colposcopy, etc.
    • Pelvic Floor Pathology in relation to urinary incontinence and genital prolapse
    • Problems related to the Menopause, as well as its relevant treatment
    • Information on and the possibility of advanced Gynecological Surgery: various hysteroscopy and laparoscopy techniques, among others.

    With our Obstetrics consultancy we offer you integral attention to maternal-fetal pathology from the point of view of controlling the pregnancy by carrying out:

    • Prenatal Diagnosis
    • High Resolution Morphological Ultrasound (20 weeks gestation)
    • 3D Ultrasound: ultrasound based on a scan of images which give the fetus an aspect of volume. It is recommended to do this between week 26 and 28 of the pregnancy. A DVD is provided with images and photographs on paper. This type of scan is not covered by the insurance companies.
    • Control of the wellbeing of the fetus by means of tokocardiography (monitors).


    • Dr. Raúl Cardenal Tarascón
    • Dr. Caridad Ortíz
    • Dr. Francisco González Carvajal
    • Dr.Ramin Pazkad

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